PJ + Phoebe

Levi’s A style for every story A love story that never goes out of style PJ and Phoebe Part timing at Levi’s Singapore Having a good time The story of original jeans Bringing romance to original people. This described the beginning of PJ and Phoebe’s love. Now how should this go in our pictures, Phoebe wondered. What better place to start our photo shoot then, but at that very special starting point - Levi’s. So, we enquired with Levi’s Malaysia (HQ) on whether we could perhaps do a little flashing of lights here and there, strike some poses here and there, and maybe use some Levi’s goods here and there in the shots?

We promise we would not take up too much time or too much space or be too much of a bother. Please please say yes to this small small request? Wow, this was the first time they had received such a special request, they replied. Of course it would be their pleasure! onewaytix would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Levi’s Malaysia and Levi’s One Utama who helped us realize the love story pictures of our couple, PJ and Phoebe

From Levi’s to sunsets, we next headed to UPM, to fulfill Phoebe’s wish of a picturesque sunset. As we were shooting away, a silhouette kept following us. Ahh! What is that in the fading light? The shape came nearer and sauntered up to us…it was Ms Cow! Yes, the moo moo kind – and she was a hungry Ms Cow! It turned out that our bouquet of oh-so-fresh-and-pretty flowers had sent out a wonderful, not to mention delicious, scent! We had to abandon the flowers to Ms Cow and make our escape!

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