Jerome + Zi

G’day mum! Jerome and myself are settling down here in ‘beaut’ Australia. Getting the hang of the Aussie language and culture. We are both excited about our wedding plans! Speaking of which, there’s this cool photography website called onewaytix which focuses on what their clients want in the shots, tailoring themes to their clients’ tastes, instead of the standard ‘packages’. I think it’s perfect for our pre-wedding photography! Jerome and I have some vacation time coming up and are planning to come home…it’s not very far…only one continent away, haha. Hey, maybe we could get onewaytix’s expert views and get our photography done as well? What do you think? Love Z

Dear onewaytix My daughter and future son-in-law have seen your work online and wish to engage you for their pre-wedding photography. As they are currently in Australia, I plan to visit your studio soon on their behalf, for more information. It’s at The Tube, Dataran Prima, right? Regards Mrs Lo

How ya going mum? We’ve been thinking about the photography themes...hmm…our tastes/personalities should come across in the photos, yes?…what do you think? 1. Basketball. 2. Korean style/K-pop. ‘Pan ee yeh yo!’ (I’m a fan!) Oh, Big Bang, my Fantastic Baby(ies)! You’re so cool! Of course, this would be in addition to the classic Western bride and groom theme…no worries there, mum! :) Heaps love Z

Dear onewaytix Thank you for providing us with the details/your input on the photography, themes etc. Although it took me some time to find you, it was well worth it! We’ll see you again soon when Jerome and Zi are here! Regards Mrs Lo

Dear onewaytix I must say that the shoot went very well. We are all so pleased with the results. You did a wonderful job! We’ll definitely keep onewaytix in mind to mark the future milestones in life’s journey. Regards Mrs Lo

Dear Mrs Low Thank you auntie for your kind words. We will continue to ‘jia you’! (go go!) Best wishes to you, Zi and Jerome and take good care of yourselves

Cheers, onewaytix


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