Ee Feng + Eunice

We are shooting at Starhill! [Dancing] We are shooting at Starhill! [Twirling] This is going to be fun y’all! A big thank you first to Eunice for her earnest effort to obtain the necessary approvals from the Starhill management. This is a first for us, they said. Site visit...check. Lighting...check. Test shots...check

Alright, let's do it! Bubble lift shots are a go, people! Yes, strike those poses as the lift goes up! And pose again as the lift comes down! Yeah, like this, uuuppp and like that, doowwnn! Let's get those perfect shots in! Oh, it's been more than 10 ups and downs already? Oops, heheh.... Our gratitude to Starhill for allowing us the freedom to complete our photo stories

To cap it off, our couple wanted a Bohemian theme, with the sun above our heads, shining its warm rays all around

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