Zhi Ping Maternity

Zhi Ping was feeling excited and had planned to fly from Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur, and make her way to onewaytix, to capture her beautiful pregnancy/family moments. Alas, her doctors said no more flying on planes due to health risks. "What to do?" Zhi Ping thought. Aha! Though Zhi Ping could not fly over, how about onewaytix

Yes, yes, we would love to! And we did! Zhi Ping handled all the arrangements and invited us over for our maiden trip to Bintulu, Sarawak. We played our part by scouting for picture perfect locations there, in preparation for the shoot

Zhi Ping’s first theme was a beautiful black and red formal affair. Her second theme was more relaxed and casual - it was time for some scenic Bintulu beach fun people! We totally enjoyed our time in the Land of the Hornbills, what with trying out the local food and local products recommended enthusiastically by Zhi Ping - right up till the last hours prior to our return flight. Calling all passengers for the flight to Kuala Lumpur! We ended up running helter-skelter into the airport to catch our plane! Fortunately, we were still early

onewaytix is grateful to Zhi Ping and her family for being such gracious hosts, keeping us entertained for the two days. It had been a memorable experience for us.

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