Wei Giap + Wei Huah

Wei Giap and Wei Huah could not believe it. There was no sign of their cycling buddies. They had not noticed when they had broken away from the group. Now, it was only the two of them on that lonely bike trail. Could it be that they were lost

As they steered their bikes along, they told themselves not to panic and to remain calm. At least they had each other. The rain clouds had cleared, there was enough sunlight to see. Just stick to the trail and they would eventually meet up with the others again. Nothing to worry about. Then, it began to rain again…. And that was how fate had brought Wei Giap and Wei Huah together. Which also brings us to the couple’s first chosen theme – cycling – a bicycle and the great outdoors

Awesome Canteen was the second theme. Feeling hungry after all that cycling exercise, perhaps? Nestled in Paramount Garden, this pork/alcohol free eatery is one of the couple’s favourite haunts and serves delicious Western inspired gourmet burgers, sandwiches, pastas, hot soups, coffees, teas, shakes for lunch and dinner. onewaytix had the place all to ourselves that day, though not to eat as it was a rest day for Awesome Canteen, but for the couple’s private photography shoot

The atmosphere of Awesome Canteen suited the couple’s characters well. Wei Huah requested for a simple solid brick wall as the backdrop for the third and final theme. Coupled with a giant white balloon, we liked how it made the bride and bridegroom stand out in their white and blue wedding outfits

From the moment we met I knew you were the one With whom my life would be spent I knew it was you Who would be my lifelong partner And my best friend You could call it intuition A gut feeling, a sixth sense From the moment we met I knew you were the one With whom my dreams would be shared I knew it was you Who would always be there Call it luck, fate or destiny Whatever it is It was meant to be From the moment we met I knew it was you The wish I’d made long ago Had finally come true.

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