KC + Wei Chee

At onewaytix, we pride ourselves on being able storytellers, delivering snippets of life stories via our photographs. We keep an open mind when it comes to the photography themes. All ideas are welcomed. We would try to accommodate to the best of our abilities. So, one day, in walked KC and Wei Chee, a lively couple, who wanted to pitch a surprising idea for their first theme - zombies! - and they have a ready supply of them!

We would never have thought of this for a pre-wedding shoot. It got us thinking on how to present this story line. KC and Wei Chee are super fans of The Walking Dead series/game and that was how they had met. Similar to the series’ story arcs, it was decided that our two main protagonists should stumble upon zombies while taking a walk in the wild, followed by a Great Escape!

As our onewaytix crew applied makeup to the characters, one by one the zombies started to come alive (courtesy of the couple’s very steadfast friends)!

Now that is some unforgettable pre-wedding stuff! The other theme that KC and Wei Chee wanted to do was the 1990s - Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Nsync – complete with idol and magazine clippings/publications. Ah! It brings back fond memories of high school for us. We miss those times

Thank you KC and Wei Chee for giving us this chance to delve into such fun and nostalgic photography.

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