Ser Chek + Penny

Penny helps out at her family’s Johor hardware store

Imagine nails and bolts and dozens of articles more

Like mouse traps and razors and skillets Shovels and wrenches and forks Harrows and hillers, potato-bug killers Pump handles and bottle cork

Ser Chek is the quiet guy

Who enters the place for to purchase a case

Of unbendable handmade nails

(Either that or a ball of unknotable twine

Or a saw or a barrel of pitch —

Or was it an ax or a package of tacks?

Ah, the reason has been forgotten which

Be that as it may, he enters the store

Of that, it is perfectly sure

And his heart is gone when he gazes upon

That sweetest of maids, the demure Penny

The most beautiful thing in a hardware shop

He ever has seen, an engaging dark haired beauty

With a smile

That has the effect, as hinted before

Of setting Ser Chek’s heart awhirl

(As sometimes occurs when a maiden smiles)

And soon he is telling the girl

Of his Prospects in Life, and his Favorite Book

And his Love for Beautiful Things

While Penny smiles and the time beguiles

With dreaming of solitaire rings.

Adapted from A Hardware Romance by Edward Anthon

onewaytix dedicates this lovely poem to our cute couple, Ser Chek and Penny. The hardware store setting is a first for our crew, as we scouted for a suitable location. Our thanks to Mr Petaling Jaya Hardware Store Boss. You must have been very curious on all the attention given to your place ('Eh, why come to this place to take pictures?')

Thank you also to Ser Chek and Penny for providing the 'nuts and bolts' to their tale of romance



#prewedding #coupleportrait

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