James + Jean

This time onewaytix’s passengers, James and Jean from East Malaysia, challenged us with a special request... to ride our train back into the story of their past, in order to make their future an eternal one. Great Scott! We were both nervous and excited. It was like a Back To The Future movie

The shoot went from their younger courting selves, to a more matured James and Jean, complete with aged makeup. Our couple really did become movie stars in their own right when they attracted photographers at one of the photo shoot locations. As James and Jean strolled from the street and carried out one of their favourite activities together ie grocery shopping, shutterbugs went click! click! click! The couple was oblivious and only had eyes for each other

Looking through James and Jean’s photographs, it reminded us once again of how the simple act of spending a life together translates into a beautiful love shared

As Time Goes By

We are older now but better by far Who knows how good it can be Our love still grows like a plant in the sun Or a wave rising up from the sea

We laughed before, but we laugh more now. Life is more fun so it seems. Days are sunnier, the moon shines brighter; Our life is the stuff of dreams

We shared in the past, but today we share more. There’s a warmth that keeps growing inside. We loved when we met; it was powerful then, Yet now our love’s strong as the tide

You’re the best, dearest thing to come into my life, Like an angel from out of the sky. And I know one thing’s for sure: You’ll be dearer still, As time goes by.

From Joanna Fuchs (and Karl



#prewedding #coupleportrait

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