Sebastian + Colie

Proud graduates of The One Academy, Sebastian and Colie got artistic for their pre-wedding photo shoot. Colie took the lead and the two of them simply went crazy with colours! Literally colouring each other with paint brushes and bottles of colour! Let’s paint

A traditional suit and gown shoot? Why not make it a suit, a gown and a waterfall! No, not near the water. No, not near the pool. Let’s go into the water!

We loved their playfulness and creativity. May their love stay forever colourful

Sebastian and Colie Love is a kaleidoscope of rainbows Round and round it unfolds Its hues ever-changing

A love that fires up a new age gem Turning and creating different stars In magic mint skies Heartbeats producing flashing colour

The palest amethyst Blue bonnet forever fields Diamond shaped love Ruby red promises to keep Flowing into the deep Every colour spins new

The day they fell in love Peridot lime green tint A love like the olive brownish sun On honeydew ski

The future deeper than aquamarine Every day turning fresh new seasons Changing its colour sequence Pyschedelic mirrors In their eyes Behold, love crystallized

Extracted/inspired by Poet Destroyer A from



#prewedding #coupleportrait

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