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Once upon a time As our "onewaytix" train was chug-chugging Three fair maidens came All abuzz with excitement Flooding our station With their magi

It has been a while Since they last gathered From the days of apprenticeship Where they boarded together All three like sisters Looking out for one anothe

Then came Lord Time Who was envious of their bond "Be gone the three of you! Once you have mastered your craft Each into their separate time lines Never together again!" And so the spell was cast Yet not all hope was lost

For their bond was strong And before long Their inner magic awoken Is there a way for the spell to be broken

Each sister heard the other Voices within their hearts Hands extended towards their magic satchels Words of enchantment, the three spoke aloud The spell could not stay forever Lord Time’s hold was no longer!

The three maidens came to realize That the power which they possess Could easily be shared Strongest when together This magic dust Will they spread

And so our sisters set foot on our train Journeying forth to share their magic with al

Magic that can unchain the bonds of time Magic that can put smiles on faces Magic that can put hope in hearts Magic that can ease sorrow Magic that can help those in need Magic that is called Friendship



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