Alwin + Sarah

At "onewaytix", our emphasis has always been to encourage and let our passengers participate actively in the creation and immortalization of magical moments in their lives. In this way, stories would come from the hearts of passengers, put together ever so lovingly by the passengers and for the passengers to cherish warmly

Our crew guides them through their life's journey, offering pointers for the most natural and comfortable results. The end story visuals are imbued with the personalities of the protagonists

Alwin and Sarah are a couple who not only wanted their tale to be captured in style, they brought along some surprising friends for the ride!

A woof woof dog. A hiss hiss snake. Two squeeky squeak rodents. A teensy weensy snail

The rodents were a pair of chubby mice originally intended as the snake’s next meal! However, Sarah thought they were simply too cute for that. So, they have since become part of Sarah's 'extended family'

Yes, these two lovebirds emphasize strongly on their own unique charm. From Sarah's bright red hair, her decision to retain her signature glasses, to appearing 'au naturel' (without makeup) for the camera(s) - "onewaytix" is happy to have played a role in their pre-wedding story



#prewedding #coupleportrait

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