Akie Maternity

What is cool? Finding out you are going to be a papa and mama!

What is cool? That beautiful lacy black dress… and more smart black outfits

What is cool? Shiny black balloons… and anything else that’s black.

What is cool? When you can strike continuous model poses smoothly and gracefully… "Oh, I’m so sexy for the camera!

What is cool? It’s Akie and her soul mate!

Yes, this couple was fast, furious and cool. It only took Akie 5 minutes to brief us on their photo shoot details. No worries about the clothes either, as all were prepared for a black theme

We guided Akie on the ‘how tos’ of maternity shoot poses. Akie’s partner was so natural in front of the camera that we could not help but enquire if he was a professional model. To this Akie laughed and replied “No”.

Mmm, a model in the making then… oh, cool

Cheers, onewaytix


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