Ryan + Jenn

Annyeong haseyo (hello) to Ryan and Jenn!

This couple had really put in a lot of research/ effort before coming on board.

They had wanted pictures that would be able to tell their story, the Ryan and Jenn story.

As they explored, they found references upon references that pointed in our direction. U wa (wow)! Dae bak (awesome)!

As Jenn is a fan of everything that is hangug-eo (Korean), they decided on a Korean touch:

Clothes…ne (yes)! Makeup…ne! Choice of coloured socks…ne! Written background story…ne!

We were all fired up for the challenge and endeavoured to fulfill their wishes. Aja aja, hwaiting (go go, fighting/ bring it on, go for it)!

"onewaytix" says kamsahamnida (thank you) to Ryan and Jenn for sharing your Korean mabeob (enchantment) with us. We bid you annyeonghi gaseyo (goodbye), jal ga (go well) and may we daum eh bwa (see you next time)!



#prewedding #coupleportrait

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