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"onewaytix" welcomes Timothy and Audrey back with open arms! They were one of our early supporters and through their pre-wedding photo shoot masterpiece, "onewaytix" was introduced to a myriad of other passengers: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.394153443982006.88601.250204165043602&type=

Four years on, these two famous bloggers are now blessed with a two-year-old boy named Jude (Fighter) and a one-year-old girl named Penelope (Mochi). The Up movie theme continues to be a favourite with the Tiah family, though both children had their own ideas when it came to posing for the camera. Starring in the photo shoot was: - Timothy as Carl Fredricksen, the lead character of Up who travels the world by a helium-balloon-powered-house - Audrey as Ellie Fredricksen, Carl’s childhood sweetheart and beloved wife - Jude as Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer - Penny as Kevin, the “Beast of Paradise Falls”, a large colourful prehistoric bird - There was even Dug, the Golden Retriever, if you can spot him in the photos… haha

The crew here is pleased to have been entrusted with this opportunity to work with Timothy and Audrey again. We shall put our tongues firmly in our cheeks and humour you (fingers crossed!) with this: It was in 2007 Did this Carl, his Ellie, befriend He was just starting out With something "really good" Whilst she felt "life is short and so am I" Really described her “fourfeetnine” "Adventure is out there!" So they seized life together Like the colourful balloons in "Up" Their scrapbook started to fill up Sailing through life’s montage Sealed with a grape soda cap badg

Picture perfect desktop wallpaper Along comes cloud baby boy Fighter! "We have just met you and we love you!" Did our Carl and Ellie coo Then "jeng jeng jeng", who decides to say "boo!" None other than Mochi girl, cloud baby number two! Up and realize the small joys in life Up and ensure every day counts with your light Up and realize it’s how you react to life that matters Up and choose to be enablers Up and go the Hakuna Matata way Up is Fatty, Shorty, Figher and Mochi

Cheers, onewaytix

#familyportrait #babyportrait

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