Kwei Yee + Linda

When we first met Kwei Yee and Linda, they were already well prepared with all the themes for their pre-wedding shoot.

Each of the themes has its own story - boot camp, they started their relationship after joining a boot camp; cafe, they like coffee and their first movie outing is Life Of Pi; vintage, Linda likes vintage and rustic props. They brought along their "little panda" for the shoot as well

As I got to know more about the couple, I found out that Linda and I sharesomething in common. Both of us like stationaries and enjoy d.i.y stuff. I was amazed by her hand knitted stuff and their wedding invitation cards, made by Linda herself. Impressive

It was a pleasure working with Kwei Yee and Linda. They have created the most personalised wedding photos of themselves, which is the vision of our studio.


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